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  Address Radiocommunications Lab, School of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 
541 24, Thessaloniki  Greece
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  BIOEM 2013 - The quadriennal Joint Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics  Society (BEMS) and the European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA)

CRFID - IEEE Technical Committee on RFID


IEEE Communications Society


ITU. The official site of the International Telecommunication Union


DVB. The official site of DVB project


ESA, European Space Agency


Telecommunications Center of AUTh News, technologies, services.


MSc in Electronic Physics, AUTh


COST, Ευρωπαϊκή Συνεργασία στο πεδίο της Επιστημονικής και της Τεχνολογικής Έρευνας


IET, Τhe Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK)

  GRNET S.A. The Greek Research and Technology Network
  COST IC 1301 - WIPE - Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics

Seminar series on:  "Microwave Heating Technology for Industrial & Food Applications" by Prof. John Sahalos

Short course on "Microwave Heating Technology for Industrial & Food Applications" by Prof. John N. Sahalos

Accreditation of RCL according to requirements of ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

National Observatory of Electromagnetic Fields

Prof. John N. Sahalos member of the consulting committee of GRNET S.A.
Professor John N. Sahalos honored as Life Fellow of IEEE

RCL: An ISO 9001:2000 certified lab!

RCL presents the first Greek Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation Meter

The CeT3E3LNet consists of five (5) laboratories (three from Universities and two from the Industry). It was formed in order to cover the needs of the Greek market with respect to the Directives of the European Union on electromagnetic compatibility and equipment certification. The Network offers the widest range of tests and measurement capabilities in Greece and can substantially contribute towards a competitiveness increase of Greek products. RCL is the co-ordinating laboratory of the Network and accommodates the respective information (mainly in Greek) on its we-site.


RCL present a new CAD for the synthesis of linear antenna arrays.
It is known as
and comes from the initials of the words :ORthogonal Advanced Methods for Antennas. ORAMA is a Greek word which means vision.

The CAD is based on the orthogonal methods which have been intensively studied by Prof. J.N. Sahalos and his colleagues since 1974.

A number of papers can be found in the international literature while a book titled "Orthogonal Methods for Array Synthesis: Theory and the ORAMA Computer Tool" by J.N. Sahalos has been published by Wiley

RCL 1985-2013
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