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The research activities of the RCL in this area include:

  1. modeling of anisotropic substrates for microstrip structures
  2. filter design
  3. microstrip transmission lines
  4. high-frequency remote-sensing.

The RCL has participated in several national and EU-funded programs in this field in collaboration with other research groups. Among the projects which have been carried out were (i) the study and applications of microstrips in the development of MICís and, (ii) the design of filters and diplexers of an antenna system.


Some recent publications in this area are given below:

1.      K. Siakavara, Modal analysis of the microwave  frequency response and composite right-/left- handed (CRLH) operation of a rectangular waveguide loaded with DPS and  DNG materials, accepted

2.      T.N. Kaifas, J.N. Sahalos, A 4x4 Butler Matrix Optimized for UMTS applications, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters,Vol. 49, Issue 3, pp. 585-588, Mar 2007.

3.      Τ.N.Kaifas, J.N.Sahalos, On the Design of a Single Layer Wideband Butler Matrix for Switched-Beam UMTS System Applications, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, vol. 48, no. 6, pp. 193-204, Dec 2006

4.      H.P. Tabeki, K. Siakavara, Reduction of electromagnetic field coupling to microstrip circuits, Electrical Engineering, vol. 88, No. 3, pp.191-199, March 2006.

5.      S. Goudos, J.N. Sahalos, Microwave Absorber Optimal Design using Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol. 48, (8), pp. 1553-1558, 2006.

6.      K. Siakavara, Novel Microwave Microstrip filters using Photonic Bandgap Ground Plane with  Fractal Periodic Pattern, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 43, No 4, November 20, pp.273-276, 2004

7.      K.Siakavara, K.Koukouliantas, and P.Kouraklis, Power loss and radiated field from microwave microstrip floating lines in resonance, Canadian Journal of Physics, Vol. 82, No.12, pp.1053-1066, 2004.

8.      A.P. Orfanidis, G.A. Kyriacou, T. Samaras and J.N. Sahalos, Mode Matching Analysis of Multiple Offset Coaxial Circular Waveguides, Electronic Letters, vol. 40, pp. 127-128, 2004

9.      P. Allilomes, G.A. Kyriacou, E. Vafiadis, J.N. Sahalos, A FEM Analysis of Open Boundary Structures Using Edge Elements and a Cylindrical Harmonics Expansion, Electromagnetics, vol. 24, pp. 69-79, 2004

10.    P. Allilomes, G.A. Kyriacou, E. Vafiadis, J.N. Sahalos, Authors Reply to Comment on A FEM Analysis of Open Boundary Structures Using Edge Elements and a Cylindrical Harmonics Expansion, Electromagnetics, vol. 24, pp. 493-495, 2004

11.    Z. D. Zaharis and J.N. Sahalos, On the Electromagnetic Scattering of a Chaff Cloud, Electrical Engineering, vol. 85, pp. 129-135, 2003

12.    Ar. Koufogiannidis , K. Siakavara, Coupled Microstrip Filters on Multilayered Dielectric Media, Can. J. Phys.,Vol. 80, No 6, pp. 675-685 , June  2002.

13.    I. Mertzianidis, S. Goudos and J.N. Sahalos, Direct Solution and Monte Carlo Simulation of the Inverse Problem in Two-layered Half-Space, Electrical Engineering, vol. 14, pp. 51-60, 2002


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