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Registrar: Mrs. Toma - Drenou

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The Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki offers a postgraduate programme in Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology).This programme is designed to provide professional training in the fields of Electronics and Telecommunications. Sufficient flexibility allows the students to specialize, or to pursue a broad field in the area of Applied Science and Engineering. The Electronic Physics Postgraduate studies, founded in the Department of Physics in 1965, offer the graduates the Radioelectrology "A" licence. The graduates can work in Telecommunications and Electronics Enterprises (public and private) as well as in Research and Educational Foundations (Universities, Polytechnics, Technological Institutes, Organisations).


Students are encouraged to apply for the graduate programme where the following criteria are considered:

1. Undergraduate studies. To be considered for admission the candidate must have a degree of undergraduate studies of the Departments of the Schools of Science (Physics, Computer Science) or Engineering (Electrical and/or Computer). The grade of the first degree should be greater than 6.5 (0 to 10 scale) or equivalent.

2. Application. The candidates should fill in a printed application form, accompanied by a curriculum vitae, together with a detailed list of their studies and grades. The candidates can follow the Ph.D. programme either by receiving the MSc Diploma or not.

3. Special subjects. The candidates' previous performance in the subjects closely related to the postgraduate course will also be considered.

4. Recommendations. The candidates should make sure that three letters of recommendation, preferably by faculty members that had supervised their previous reports, are sent to the committee.

5. Foreign language. All candidates should have sufficient knowledge of at least one additional European language (preferably English, German or French), while the foreign candidates should have sufficient knowledge of the Greek language as well. The committee will test the candidate's ability to translate scientific texts and to compose an extended summary of an oral presentation.

6. Exams. The candidate's degree of knowledge in the subjects of (i) Electronics and (ii) Telecommunications will be tested by examination. The material to be examined is announced by the committee one semester before the date of the examination.

7. Interview. If the committee estimates that there is not sufficient information to reach a decision, they may ask to interview the candidate in person.

The final number of admitted students in the graduate programme is at maximum 25.

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