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Press Release

The first Greek Broadband EM Radiation Meter
is presented in “Polis” Exhibition


  • Scientific Innovation of RadioCommunications Laboratory (RCL), Aristotle University of Thessalonik

  •  Allows easy, reliable and low-cost Environmental Measurements of Electromagnetic Radiation (E/M)


Thessaloniki, November 22 2007. An important scientific innovation related to the first Greek Broadband E/M Meter called SMS-K is presented today (and therein) from the Radio Communications Laboratory (RCL), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, within the context of “Polis” Exhibition. 

Visitors of the 6th “Polis”, an International Exhibition of Local Government, Public and Social Sector and Private Enterprises held at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre (HELEXPO), can see the meter in action, until Sunday November 25, at the exhibition hall 15, stand 60.

The Broadband Meter SMS-K was fully designed and built by scientists of RCL under the supervision of RCL Director Prof. Sahalos and was courteously funded by Wind Hellas.

RCL targeted at the construction of an E/M measurement system that could combine scientific reliability with low-cost. That goal was achieved with the Broadband Meter SMS-K, which can be installed and operated with simple procedures. In that way, the installation of a large network of meters is possible, facilitating comprehensive and constant monitoring of EM radiation.

"We created the Broadband Meter SMS-K in order to assist reliably and scientifically, the enlightenment of citizens regarding E/M radiation at the environment. It is nowadays common to discover multiple sources of E/M radiation, both indoors and outdoors. Mobile telephony networks, radio and TV station transmitters, radars as well as personal computers or home devices are a few of them. Citizens raise safety questions regarding usage of such technology and effects of relevant EM radiation to humans and the environment.  Our task is to answer such questions by rigorous scientific research and development of tools that monitor and measure the technology effects on our everyday life. Such tool is the Broadband Meter SMS-K” prof. J. N. Sahalos stated.

The Broadband Meter SMS-K records on a 24-hour base the intensity of EM radiation at the environment. It is equipped with custom software that allows processing and detailed display of measurements at a personal computer. The system has also the ability to wirelessly transmit, through SMS, the measurements recorded the last 24 hours.

RCL aims to plan massive production of such meters that will be installed in various locations around the country, starting at the beginning of 2008. Such installation actions are the extension of the research program “FASMA”, implemented by RCL and funded by WIND Hellas.

Towards this goal, all agencies of State or Local Administration, as well as citizen organizations are invited to express their interest in obtaining meters for their regions. It is noteworthy to mention that in order to install as many meters as possible; WIND Hellas plans to fund their procurement.

Display of measurement locations of research program “FASMA”, as well as additional info regarding this project, can be found at




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