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RCL research staff participated in the 13th Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation (CEFC 2008), which took place in Athens from 11th to 15th of May. The following eight (8) papers were presented:

  • K.A. Gotsis, K. Siakavara and J.N. Sahalos, A Neural A Neural Network Estimation Method for the Direction of Arrival with a Switched-Beam Antenna System, PA1-8.

  • Ch.P. Nikolaou, A.P. Papadakis, P.A. Razis, G.A. Kyriacou3, J.N. Sahalos, Numerical Simulations versus Experimental Measurements for the Magnetic Field Generated in Open Type Substations in Cyprus, PA5-18.

  •  Th. Samaras, K. Baskourelos, J.N. Sahalos, Study of Human Exposure to Antennas with a Hybrid MoM-FDTD Technique, PD1-9.

  • Evaggelos Vaitsopoulos, Aggelos Bletsas, John N. Sahalos, On the RFID Design with Passive Tags and a Butler Matrix Reader, PE1-6.

  •  Th. Ganatsos, K. Siakavara, J.N. Sahalos,Enhancement of Wire Dipole Antennas Characteristics Using Artificial Neural Network Designed EBG Ground, PE1-10.

  •  A. A. Nanos, K. Siakavara, T. Samaras, J. N. Sahalos, Large Domain MoM Solution of EM Radiation of Metallic Scatterers with Jacobi Polynomials as Basis Functions, PE4-12.

  • Th. N. Kaifas, D.G. Babas, J.N. Sahalos, A Perturbation Technique for the Geometry Synthesis of Planar Arrays Subject to the Directivity Index, PF2-8.

  •  D.G. Drogoudis, G.A. Kyriacou, John N. Sahalos, A Three Dimensional Microwave Tomography Employing an Adjoint Network Theorem Based Sensitivity Matrix, PF5-7.

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