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  NEWS > RCL presents the first Greek Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation Meter
  RCL designed and constructed for the first time in Greece a Broadband Meter of Electromagnetic Radiation

The Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation SMS-K is used for electromagnetic radiation measurements in a broad frequency range where most of telecommunication applications operate (radio, TV, mobile telephony, wireless communication networks) .

The device provides the facilities of post-processing and data transfer of the results and allows the remote control and recording of the electromagnetic radiation levels in 24-hour basis.

The massive production of the SMS-K Meter combined with low cost and high reliability will allow the establishment of a broad network of measurement points resulting to continuous control of electromagnetic radiation and direct information flow to the citizens

The Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation SMS-K was demonstrated in

  • the 20th International Exhibition of Infromatics, Telecommunications and Digital Technology -  Infosystem, (HELEXPO Exhibition Center in Thessaloniki) from 28/9 to 01/10/2006 and

  • the 8th International Telecommunications Conference -  Info-Com (Athens) in 3/10/2006


  Date 4/10/2006  
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